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Fahrusha has many years of experience performing at corporate events, college venues and parties for organizations and private clients. A list of corporate clients who have employed her talents is available upon request. A variety of costuming is available for themed events. Multiple readers can be booked through Fahrusha.

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Services include:

Tarot Card Reading: the most popular request. Fahrusha reads the 78 card tarot deck and gives participants a look into the coming year as well as present and recently past issues.

: The age old art of divination by looking at the hands of the participant. Fahrusha reads both the lines of the palm and the relative sizes of different parts of the hands. Palmistry gives an overview of the life and personality trends.

Rune Stone Readings: Letters of the old Celtic/Scandinavian alphabet inscribed onto stones are used to give answers to significant questions.

Tea Leaf Reading/ Coffee Grind Reading: This is a very popular form of divination from North Africa to the Far East.

Pendulum Reading: Participants learn to access their own psychic powers by asking the pendulum a series of questions. Very amazing!

I-Ching: Participants throw coins and Fahrusha interprets the ancient Chinese text to answer weighty questions.

Handwriting Analysis
: Fahrusha analyzes personalities and aptitudes from handriting. (Fahrusha analyzes the handwriting of young celebrities for Tiger Beat magazine in a column named "The Write Stuff"). Also available are Doodle Analysis and Special Memory Books.

Chinese Face Reading
: The proportions of the face and it’s features reveal personality traits and propensities of the participant.

Energy Balancing Jewelry: At an event, Fahrusha creates jewelry from beautiful stones and other natural objects chosen specifically to balance the energy of each individual wearer. To see examples of the jewelry and read a more detailed description please click here.

Image Metamorphosis: Fahrusha has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a talented facepainter. Click here to see examples.

: Fahrusha is available to deliver several lectures to your group-

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