Energy Balancing Necklaces


Energy Balancing Necklaces are made up on the spot by Fahrusha and (except at very small parties) her able assistant. The party-goer comes to the table where she fills out a paper by answering several thought provoking questions about her ideas and feelings. Fahrusha analyzes the answers and determines psychically what stones and natural materials will balance the party-goer's energy and thereby allow her to assume desired results and destiny.

The Earth's minerals have each a specific structure which vibrate at a given rate thus modifying the energy of the person in close contact with the substance, in this case in the form of a necklace. Being aware of this power amplifies it.

Fahrusha instructs her assistant to put together the necklace and the party-goer picks it up about 30 minutes after filling out the paper. Guests may observe the jeweler at work.

The party-goer receives her necklace packaged with an explanation of the stones and natural materials in her necklace. The other natural materials are bone, shell and wood. There are more than 30 different materials from which Fahrusha chooses. Each person receives five different stones or natural materials on their necklace. The necklace is casually stylish. The pieces are strung on black nylon cord knotted in the back and can be worn by males and females of all ages (except little children - choking hazard).

Fahrusha is a world renowned psychic who resides in New York City.

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