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Fahrusha has just finished her high noon Solstice meditation in an oaken grove in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York at 12:00pm Eastern time June 21, 2001. The oak is a tree sacred to the Druids and a symbol of great strength, protection and magical energy. Respecting trees and merging with their energy fields allows one to gain mystical insight and transcendent bliss. Healthy trees are essential for a healthy planet. Carelessly harming trees is very dangerous to psychic health and by extrapolation physical health. Love Your Mother, Respect Your Planet!


Fahrusha on one of several visits to Stonehenge, the famous megalithic monument on the Salisbury Plain in England. It is estimated that Stonehenge was built starting in 3500BC. Fahrusha has visited a variety of power places around the world to access the ambient energy there.