Party Secrets of a Psychic


by Tamara Marotta

NYC Party Planner had the opportunity to talk with one of New York's most popular and charming psychics. Fahrusha reads regularly at Joan Rivers' parties and has read for a variety of celebrities including David Letterman, Ivana Trump, and Lee Iacocca. This is the first installment of "Party Secrets of a Psychic." Fahrusha sees a party in your future and shares her insights, not from her mastery of the tarot cards or even her exotic world travels, but from her experiences at special events.

NYCPP: Do you refer to yourself as a fortune teller or a psychic?

Fahrusha: That depends on my audience. I usually use the term psychic reader. But when I'm working for kids or younger people at a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah, I might call myself a fortune teller. If there is more than one person reading at the job, the palmist would be called a palmist, the card reader would be called a tarot card reader and so on. I do tarot, palmistry, handwriting analysis, crystal ball and rune stones. Sometimes I even do tea leaves or coffee grounds. These are examples of different sorts of mediums.

NYCPP: How do you decide which medium is the most appropriate for a specific group?

Fahrusha: My forte is tarot reading. I generally read the tarot cards at a party. People enjoy the cards because they deal with the present time frame. Not with childhood or what will happen thirty years from now.

NYCPP: How does this work?

Fahrusha: I spread out ten cards. You can use three or five or seven, but I usually use ten. This allows me to finish the reading within a set time. I know that it will take me four to six minutes at a party to do a reading if I use tarot cards and I'm not dealing with specific questions.

NYCPP: How many people do you see in an hour?

Fahrusha: Because I spend between four and six minutes with a person, I can safely do ten people in an hour. Usually more. When people have waited in line for ten minutes, if you don't give them at least four minutes they feel cheated. They don't feel like they have gotten anything for their wait. Sometimes, depending on how many people are around, I'll allow them one question at the end of their reading. But I have ways of getting people up after their time is over. Occasionally, I have to say, "Thank you very much..." But when I say "Good Luck to you," they usually understand that the reading is completed.

NYCPP: Do you always have something to say to an individual?

Fahrusha: Yes, because the cards provide information. And I am confident because I have a very good record of accuracy in my readings. But of course not a hundred per cent. Occasionally, I might talk about someone as though this person was their brother. He might be, in fact, a very good friend. Like a brother. You have to be a little bit flexible about that.

NYCPP: What can a party planner do to facilitate successful readings?

Fahrusha: The main thing that needs to be addressed when using a reader at an event, is putting them somewhere where people can hear what they have to say. The biggest problem that readers have at events is when they are put next to the speakers. A wild disco is right in their face. Then everybody is wasting money. The reader isn't heard. We end up shouting and losing our voices. The guests get frustrated. They will step outside of the main room to be read, but most planners don't realize this. That's a shame since ninety-five per cent of women and, I'd say, seventy-five percent of men want desperately to be read.

NYCPP: How can a party planner best arrange the set up for the readers?

Fahrusha: Each reader should have a separate table with two chairs. They should generally be in the same area of the room. Not so close as to interfere. It is better to have one line. When you have two lines people often get in line again to go to the second reader. A good idea for company picnics is to hand out a ticket that says "This card entitles you to a reading with a psychic - time permitting." One ticket stops them from standing in line twice.

NYCPP: What else can be done to accommodate as many guests as possible?

: The planner of a large scale party may want to offer more than one kind of reader. Perhaps they'll want a tarot card reader, a palmist, a numerologist, hand writing analysis, or an astrologer. There is one problem with this. Sometimes a group of the same ten ladies get in line over and over. They end up hogging the time. The other alternative is to offer the same thing. Like two Tarot card readers. Then people will be satisfied with only one reading. These issues should be discussed with somebody that is a professional. Every party has specific needs.

NYCPP: Sounds like psychics are wildly popular. Tell us why you think this is.

Fahrusha: Beyond the psychic aspect of it, it's simple. What's better than talking about yourself and having someone else talk about you in a kind way. Someone who tells you how great you are.

NYCPP: What is the main thing people want to know, besides how great they are?

Fahrusha: The biggest things are: how's my health, or the health of someone dear to me, something about my love life, and money, often job related. 'Will I be happy?' is the lousiest question. Someone could be happy in jail while another is unhappy with servants waiting on them hand and foot. Young boys often try to trick me. They'll ask me what year their mother was born. I am not answering a trivia quiz. But the most difficult question comes from my private clients. We get into discussions of fate versus free will.

NYCPP: Are you outlining a predetermined fate for them?

Fahrusha: I tell them the circumstances of their immediate future. And choices that they may have. I can only tell them that certain outcomes will come from certain choices. As human beings, we have to operate as though we have free will.

Fahrusha informs us how to book psychics and not scam artists. More ins and outs of the psychic business. And why psychics are such a hit with the Wall street movers and shakers.

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