How Fahrusha and I met is an example of the awesomeness of the Universe. I had seen Fahrusha’s website and I briefly read about her in New York Magazine’s April 21 edition that featured an article titled "Guide to New York’s Psychics." The eccentric name would not leave my consciousness: I kept thinking “I would love to meet this woman and have her read at my event.” Well as fate would have it, when I met Mona Temchin, who happens to know Fahrusha, she suggested that I give Fahrusha a call and the rest, as they say, is history!

I met Fahrusha in front of the Bed Bath & Beyond store on Sixth Avenue, around the corner from her daughter’s Aikido class. We went inside a nearby cafe and chuckled about the coincidence of our meeting. After she bought her daughter a delicious chicken pita sandwich and offered me a delightfully tasty cheesecake, I was ready and excited to receive a reading from Fahrusha.

She pulls out a beautiful magnifying glass and skillfully analyzes my right palm; all sorts of lines indicated all sorts of truths about my personality and my deep desires. After absorbing my aura (which she said was wonderful, I like her already by this point), she pulls out her Hanson-Roberts tarot deck and explores a specific question: my business (Evenings Divine) and its present and future states.

With big smiles and very warm eyes, she picks up on a current growth phase of my business and the generosity of help that I have received from many individuals. She also noted that a recent betrayal had occurred (which was VERY true) but that the episode was shortlived, as were its effects on my psyche, and the integrity of my business. Even more specifically, she mentioned how a specific individual, with whom I recently regained contact, will contribute much in the promoting of my unique events. This tidbit of information was interesting because the person with whom I’d just regained contact is an event promoter!

Fahrusha is spiritual and very practical; she has a force about her that is firm and gentle at the same time. Her experience combined with her wits depict an essence that she has traveled many emotional and spiritual planes without any doubt of her mission as a psychic reader!

~Roger Labady