Psychic New York

Excerpted in its entirety from:

Psychic New York
A Guide to Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Psychics, Palmists, & Numerologists
by Patricia Collins


Clientele: varied * parties *

A very public and accomplished psychic, Fahrusha exudes energy and humor; her concise and penetrating readings at private parties and corporate and college events are highly effective and popular. She has read for such celebrities as Lee Iacocca, David Letterman, Mary MacFadden, and Ivana Trump, and has given psychic readings at a number of Joan Rivers' parties.

Fahrusha has traveled extensively, pursuing her study of ancient civilizations and their spiritual disciplines. Her travels are reflected in her colorful, flamboyant dress which sets an exotic tone for the session. In her readings she utilizes Palmistry, Tarot, the crystal ball, rune stones, and handwriting analysis. Although the majority of her readings take place in public, she will give private consultations in her home, a downtown apartment filled with her child's toys. This remarkably pretty young mother has been developing her psychic talents since her own childhood, and her accuracy in assessing your current situation is almost unsettling. It seems as if she has a direct channel to your inner thoughts and dilemmas.

As you prepare for the reading to begin, you become immediately aware of Fahrusha's psychic powers. She first talks to you, then analyzes your palm and reads the Tarot. She doesn't rely on the cards themselves- she uses the Ryder-Waite deck- but gives her psychic impressions while she is shuffling. Finally she answers specific questions with only three cards. During one card shuffling session for writer Ruth Mayberry, Fahrusha predicted that she would become involved in business with an older man with white hair who would enhance her career. As Ms. Mayberry told me, "This seemed improbable at the time, but a few months later there he was."

Published 4/96 in New York by City & Company