Excerpted directly from Hans Holzer's Psychic Pages

published by Kensington, October 2001

Fahrusha, an oriental dancer and actress for many years, adopted her stage name for her professional psychic career as well. Not only a gifted tarot card reader, she is equally adept in palmistry, interpreting handwriting and reading tea leaves. In addition, Fahrusha is also an expert at reading photographs, and she can successfully map out character, motivations, health problems and so on from snapshots.

Fahrusha has travelled the world, actively seeking places where she can absorb energy, such as stone circles, pyramids, and ancient monuments. She believes the ancients situated their monuments with sacred geometry and powerful earth energy in mind.

Fahrusha also has a psychic resonance with animals, especially cats. She has read for many people who have cats as pets and is able to detect their animals' emotions and ailments simply by stroking them: the pets usually come to Fahrusha instinctively.

One day at the Superior Copy Shop in New York City, Fahrusha and Alan Gershwin, the son of George Gershwin and a famous songwriter in his own right, paused to chat. With no previous knowledge of his life, Fahrusha correctly identified his son's name as Adrian.

One night Fahrusha had a dream about a neighbor named Nina who had two little boys. In the dream a voice told her that Nina would have a third child, a girl. She mentioned the dream to her friend; a year later Nina had a little girl.

Lisa, a New York department store executive, consulted Fahrusha concerning her desire to have another child, although her physician doubted it would happen. Fahrusha told her she would be pregnant within three months. In spite of the doctor's doubts, the woman indeed became pregnant as Fahrusha predicted.

Marian, an executive from New Jersey, consulted Fahrusha about her career and was told that she would leave the country (to go to London) due to an irresistible offer from a foreign institution.She replied she wouldn't consider leaving the United States. She is now working in Great Britain.

Ravi, a computer professional, had been told by several astrologers that he would marry Miss V., a student with whom he was in love. Fahrusha disagreed with the other predictions, saying that the relationship would end unhappily. He would, she said, meet a small woman with glasses within a year who would return his affections.

He left the reading distressed and disbelieving. He returned over a year later to tell Fahrusha that all had happened as she had predicted.

Hired to read cards at a party near Stamford, Connecticut, Fahrusha agreed to give the hostess a reading before the event began. As soon as the woman sat down for the reading, Fahrusha queried, "Are you pregnant?" Fahrusha said this in wonderment, as the woman had four children and a career. Mrs. McC. replied cautiously, "Well... it is possible." Fahrusha commented, Pregnancy is so strong around you that I wouldn't be surprised if it were twins." Both women laughed. Several months later, Fahrusha telephoned her, hoping to get a recommendation for another house party. The housekeeper answered the telephone, saying Mrs. McC.was resting in bed, not to be disturbed. Alarmed, Fahrusha inquired about her health. The housekeeper replied, "Oh no, she's fine. Haven't you heard? She's having triplets."

Recently Fahrusha broke one of her rules by telephoning one of her (private) clients. (She generally does not initiate contact with clients, except to return their calls.) She had an urgent dream concerning a regular, Stacy, an airline attendant. In the dream she heard Stacy call for help, very perturbed. She telephoned Stacy later to see if she was okay. Stacy later returned the call to say that the very night Fahrusha had dreamed about her, Stacy was on a particularly harrowing flight over the Atlantic, culminating in her being fired from her job. She became very upset over this and had planned to call the psychic.

In addition to her popularity with people in the entertainment business, Fahrusha has many corporate and professional clients. She is very intuitive and has often been consulted by other psychics. Combining her genuine psychic talent with entertainment, she has developed into a very popular and professional reader.

Hans Holzer, Ph.D. Parapsychologist