A Cat Lover's Story

I was referred to Fahrusha in emergency by a known astrologer. I had a gravely ill cat whom I loved dearly, for whom I was caring for 24/7, who had had a seizure and was suffering it's after effects for two years after. I had become totally stressed out, worrying myself sick that at any moment, nighttime in particular, my cat might have another seizure. I live alone and feared I would become hysterical and not know what to do. I called Fahrusha because she is a well known pet psychic and I needed to know what immediately I should do for him. He was already on seizure medication and was wobbly and falling over occasionally.  I have other cats in the house also and they have their own problems, although not life threatening. I am mentioning this for a reason.

When I called Fahrusha, we were on the phone barely three minutes, maybe two when, out of the blue, she interrupted me and said,"you have one cat there who is confused. There is litter in the box and there is paper, he doesn't like the paper. He wants to go only in a box with litter. Well, that was it for me. I totally freaked out in amazement! My other cat, male also, had been putting me through changes going in the litter box and then not wanting to go. I couldn't figure out what was going on with him. I had to line the litter boxes for my oldest sick cat to catch his messes in the box and not outside of the box.  But that wasn't even on my mind. Fahrusha interrupted me to tell me that. From then on I was convinced. She is a psychic and an incredible animal communicator. You can ask her one question and if there is another one which bares mentioning, she'll tell you.

Fahrusha, regarding my old sick cat then told me to bring him to a vet that I trusted and that the vet would give me a bottle of something to take home so that I could treat him at home, and she told me clearly that he was not yet ready to die, that he had some time left. The very next week I went to a vet, a new one who gave me injectible fluids to administer to him at home. Fahrusha had told me exactly this one week earlier.

Several months later, I called Fahrusha (to me an amazing pet psychic), because my male cat was sneezing, coughing and gasping for breath and I wanted to know what was wrong with him. He would get colds twice a year at most, but this was different. Though she never met me face to face, nor visited my home, she immediately told me he was telling her there were smells in the air, perfumes, smells, and that he couldn't take it, he didn't like it. She said I had to stop it. I was lighting incense constantly, burning it. I had just gotten scented oils because the incense was burning my eyes. I was really smelling my place up.  Well, apparently it wasn't agreeing with him. I kind of suspected it might be a problem but I wasn't sure that was it. Fahrusha confirmed it to me and firmly told me to stop using any
smells immediately. She also told me that the incense is harmful for the cats...Fahrusha picks up on things right away. Thank you so much for rescuing my cats from my stupidity, Fahrusha.

I must bring this up. I also asked her on the phone If she could pick up anything about me. [I had sent her pictures] She made a comment regarding my misinterpretations which happen too frequently. She said,"It's not about you...It's really not about you and you must understand that." And she explained that I always take things so personally and that I shouldn't, that it's not about me. She was trying to tell me that when ever I deal with people, that I must realize people have their own lives and their own problems. This Lady is amazing, she really is. And even though I am a writer, I find I cannot justly explain her psychic abilities or her amazing accuracies. They just are so amazing.  If you want to experience her  psychic powers, be prepared to be stunned and very surprised. As the expression goes, "your hair will stand up". Don't say I didn't warn you...

Jill Jacobson, writer & animal lover