From New York Magazine, April 21,2003

Mystical City: An all-seeing guide to the City's supernatural superstars


Celestial Traveler

For Fahrusha, telling fortunes is in the blood: Her father was psychic! But she’s heavily supplemented her inherited trade: She’s a belly dancer, attends shaman seminars at the Omega Institute, has gone as far as North Africa and Asia to enrich her psychic capacities, and is savvy on the subject of stone circles (i.e., Stonehenge). She also casts spells.

Philosophy: Fahrusha’s motto is “For their betterment, not their detriment.” The worst vision she had was of a client’s house burning, but in terms of bad news, mum’s the word.

What to expect: A buxom redhead who tends to wear a lot of velvet, Fahrusha rarely looks into her crystal ball (which is called “scrying”). She interprets handwriting, reads tarot cards, makes energy-balancing jewelry out of minerals and animal products (such as shark’s spine), and practices psychometry, whereby a physical object (lock of hair, pair of underpants) in her hand fuels her clairvoyance. Fahrusha also reads photographs of both people and pets, dead or alive.