Excerpted from NPR:
Workers Seek Psychics' Reassurance On Economy
by Shomial Ahmad

Fortune-Teller At Work: Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw, also known as the psychic Fahrusha, reads palms and tarot cards in New York. Shomial Ahmad/NPR
NPR.org, August 18, 2008 · In an unsettling economy, more Americans are seeking metaphysical assurance — often in the form of psychic readers and astrologers. The mystic seers say their clients are coming to them with more questions about jobs, bills and the state of the economy.
Those questions came up on a recent afternoon in Manhattan's East Village, where Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw reads palms and tarot cards under the name Fahrusha.
With New Age music playing in the background, regular customer Dara H. sought advice.
"My first question — the most burning — has to do with my next career move," Dara said.
Dara had quit her job at a large auditing firm. She is now consulting for her brother's business in Jamaica.
"Is this a good move?" she asked.
Fahrusha shuffled through some cards.
"For the short term, yes; for the long term, no," she answered.
Fahrusha flipped three cards on the table. The medieval images comment on Dara's past, present and future, she said.
One flip revealed an image of a man in a Viking boat with a sword stuck in it. The card's meaning was clear, Fahrusha said: "You've got to move on. The move card comes up here again."
"Oh, god."