December 11, 2007
Girl About Town by Carol Han

One of my favorite people, Vanessa Bismarck (of my alma mater BPCM—first job out of college!), hosted a cozy, intimate dinner at her gorgeous home in SoHo last night in honor of Mina Lee, the designer behind Derercuny. I love Mina's romantic, feminine designs, so it was fun to chat her up.

Also fun: Vanessa hired Fahrusha, a renowned psychic, to tell the fortunes of her guests. I love things like this, so I immediately took a place in line to enter the little room where she was stationed. I won't bore you with all the minute details, but let me tell you, the woman was spot-on. One interesting thing she said to me was about a man in my life. Apparently, there is a dark-haired, dark-eyed, wealthy, authoritative man who is a little older than me who will have a huge influence and impact on my life. When I asked her what kind of influence it would be, she drew three more cards and they were romantic on all fronts. She also said that I already knew him and that if I thought about it, the answer of who he is would come to me. Hmmmm….

Do you guys ever see psychics? What's your take on the art of fortune telling?